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Why eBay Stealth Account Is Necessary For eBay Sellers?

Posted by Robert Williams on

Why eBay Stealth Account Is Necessary For  eBay Sellers?

eBay Marketplace

eBay is an online shopping website used to buy and sell items

It seems a great platform for the startups and entrepreneurs who want to do  online business.

By opening eBay account the ebay sellers can easily start to do their business 

Ebay selling limits

eBay is aware of keeping its platform clean and scammers free. 

And its motto is to provide a selling chance for all the sellers under its network.

Inorder to fulfil its motto the eBay offers each of the ebay account holders a specific amount to sell.

And also make strict terms and conditions

According to the condition the eBay sellers are not allowed to sell beyond the selling limit.

eBay Search Algorithm

eBay in nature built with search algorithms.

The search algorithm main duty is to maintain each ebay seller identities

And in root it links all the information of one user under one data.

eBay in nature links all your business accounts under the same name, the same address, the same PayPal, and the same details. 

If any one of your details repeats to be the same, then easily eBay will recognize and link them.

If the seller try to open multiple ebay account then all the sellers link under one group and impose eBay violation on that eBay seller 

Also that seller can’t upload the same product to the other eBay linked accounts.

eBay Terms & Conditions

In the terms and conditions to buy eBay accounts it is clearly demonstrated not to sell the same product under different accounts.

If the Seller, desire to do more business and do sale beyond the limit,

Then automatically that eBay sellers account got blocked by the eBay

And this is the most irritating part in the life of the eBay sellers.

The  word eBay suspension makes the eBay sellers fingers crossed whether they will get back the account or not.

Ebay Hold/ eBay suspension / eBay Account restrictions

Let's discuss the difference between ebay account hold, ebay account suspension and eBay account restrictions


eBay Hold  


It's quite often for many eBay sellers to get their eBay account hold .


The hold occurs due to the following reasons.


The eBay seller failed to notice  expired date on payment

or you failed to make a payment. 


eBay impose hold on the sellers is not to punish them instead it wants to protect the sellers account from losing money. 


And the sellers can get back their hold account easily by updating the  payment information or by making the payment.


eBay Restriction


The term restriction is little more severe than  hold. 


This case occurs only if the eBay seller failed to follow eBay's selling standards.


eBay restrictions make that ebay sellers account to the lower position and that seller get only the least number of chances in the search results.



eBay Suspension 


Compared  above two most severe eBay action is the eBay suspension.


The ebay suspension will completely block the sellers account. Probably.


 This condition occur for the most extreme cases, like selling illegal items on eBay.




Why eBay Stealth Account Is Necessary In eBay Sales - A Complete Solution From eBay Suspension

eBay Stealth account are nothing but the second ebay accounts which act as a shield for the eBay sellers.

On buying old ebay acounts for sale the eBay sellers can restart their sale again from hold/restriction and suspension.

Stealth account provide the second chance for the eBay sellers who struggle with the suspension and restriction.

ebay account for sale are not linked under any identity, with this you are not linked and find by the ebay algorithm.

eBay accounts with feedback gain the reputation for its users and this ebay feedbacks completely reduce the stress of ebay sellers from eBay suspension and ebay restriction.

And with this high limit ebay accounts the sellers can concentrate only on the profit. the leading ebay stealth account provider in the marketplace, where you can buy high Ebay stealth account.


We provide our services online 24/7. have both an aged eBay stealth account and a new ebay stealth account which are fully  verified and with 100% positive feedback. 


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