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Why eBay Feedback Is Important To eBay Sellers

Posted by Robert William on

Why eBay Feedback Is Important To eBay Sellers

eBay Marketplace

eBay, a popular online marketplace now, had been working on the auction-based model since 1995. 

The ebay system functions on the core basis of iits ebay sellers feedback and ratings systems. 

In this blog lets we discuss about the importance of eBay account with Feedback and Why eBay Feedback Is Important To eBay Sellers

eBay Feedback System


eBay marketplace offer equal selling chances to all the eBay sellers

But in top listing it prefers the sellers account who maintains the good feedbacks

Yes it decide the top sellers account on the basis of the positive feedback 

eBay feedback is nothing but it is made up of comments of the product either it is good, bad or neutral

eBay decides the overall professionalism of the sellers based on the eBay buyers comments that they meet on eBay.

Purpose Of the Ebay Feedback System

eBay Feedback system comprised of two purposes:

  • Good sellers can be rewarded with praise when they earn it.
  • Potential buyers can find out about sellers’ good 

eBay transaction does not complete until the buyer fills out the feedback form. 

In practice, Writing feedback for the purchased product is a little bit of a boring thing to the buyers.

Here  the buyer has the full rights to feed their opinions

The written feedback after the submission will retain with sellers carrer on eBay.

Ebay Buyers have to keep in mind before filling the ebay feedback, that occasionally with no one mistakes sometimes the eBay transactions  can get fouled up,  communication missing, shipping mix-ups, or misplaced packages can happen to anyone.

How ebay account with feedbacks functions

eBay buyers have the option to leave either a positive, negative, or neutral feedback rating for every eBay transaction

Positive Feedback: If you buy eBay account positive feedback then your rating will increased by 1

Negative Feedback: If you receive eBay negative feedback then your rating will decreased by 1

Neutral Feedback: If you receive eBay neutral feedback then no change your rating

And the feedback percentage is calculated on the basis of how many positives & negatives that  your eBay account have.

It is calculated by taking your total positive feedback received & dividing by your total feedback.

The feedback rating follows the sellers everywhere they go at eBay, it also follows them, even if the buyer changes its user ID or email address.

As it sticks with the eBay seller account, after sign in it reflect all the ratings in  My eBay summary page

What Happens If Your Feedback Is Low

If the ebay sellers rating is to too low there the product of the seller seems to be list at the last pages of the eBay specific product page search 

There seems no sales done from the eBay account

How To increase The eBay Sellers Rating

The easiest way to increase your eBay sellers rating then just make  use of ebay stealth accounts

High limit stealth accounts are nothing but the aged ebay account which have n numbered of ebay account positive feedbacks in built in its system

Purchase any one of the positive feedback stealth account from the eBay marketplace and get rid the lower ratings

Ebay stealth account not only help you to increase your ebay sellers rating but also it protect the sellers from eBay suspension/ ebay restriction

If you are eBay seller and struggle with lower ratings then do approach us at agedeabyaccount

We provide you the high limit, aged ebay stealth account which increase your ebay treating and simultaneously increase the ebay sales

Agedebayaccount specialised in creating individual US stealth account and UK stealth account 

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