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Why Do Paypal Stealth Account Is Important For eBay Sellers

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Why Do Paypal Stealth Account Is Important For eBay Sellers

Paypal Account

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. 

Paypal site used for  transferring money between people and business online, 

Using the old PayPal account, users can make a purchase on 100’s of items from the online stores.

And they can also use the paypal account to receive or transfer the money from one account to another.

Types Of Paypal Account

Paypal account is divided into premier Account, Business Account and the Student Account

eBay- Paypal Partnership

PayPal has been acquired by eBay.

After its partnership with eBay, the Paypal account is widely accepted as the payment method by all the online merchants.

The Business and Premier accounts of paypal offer many tools for better integration with eBay.

 And these tools make  buying and selling on the eBay site much easier.

More interestingly eBay will transact only through PayPal.

And PayPal becomes the only way to pay and also provides better merchant services too.

Benefits Of Paypal Account

Doing the online transactions via the paypal account is very  easy and friendly.

The best benefit in using verified PayPal account is its ability to accept and pay through credit cards and debit cards.

Payments carried out via one business account or premier account to another are completely free.

The fee for transacting through credit and debit cards is also a nominal 3.9 percent.

PayPal will double up as your sincere and honest accountant.

And it is integrated with the online auction powerhouse, where the user can place bids and make purchases safely

Frequently paypal provide special discounts for its customers 

Drawbacks Of Using Paypal Account

paypal account verification takes huge of amount of time which frustrate the users

not verified paypal account is highly vulnerable to the scammers

Paypal very strictly follow the rules under the different regulations, and its difficult for the users to follow it all the time which in turn leads to account paypal account suspension/restriction

Paypal Limitations

There are millions and thousands of transactions happening via paypal at every second.

 And it's hard to monitor each transaction manually, and paypal started to  use robots to monitor its user transaction activities

When the user cross the transaction limit it display nutshell in their account

When this case occur in your transaction ,then you need to provide additional information to paypal

After reviewing your information the paypal employees help you to get reinstate your paypal account or sometimes they permanently limit you

But here's the right thing about robots - they're very predictable.

Permanent Paypal Limitations

Are you an eBay seller and if your paypal is suspended there? Then you can’t process any payments through PayPal.

As you know well the payment is the only gateway for the eBay system, which in turn does not let you make money in your eBay business.

This scenario makes the eBay sellers to suddenly stop on  all their sales 

Paypal Stealth Account

Paypal stealth accounts are verified paypal accounts which helps the user to get back suspended paypal account

All the paypal stealth account  are not linked with anyone's original credit card or bank account.

The old paypal account are created  under different names, different IP addresses, and different browsers.

And here the paypal stealth accounts are verified by Virtual bank account and Virtual Visa card.

This make makes the paypal algorithm not able to find your paypal account when you cross the selling limits via paypal transaction

If you want to do more transaction in your business then choose the aged paypal stealth account 

The aged paypal stealth account have more limits when compared to paypal stealth account

Individually in the market you can avail for the option of business paypal account and personal paypal account

Choose high limit paypal account for sale when you are going to use it for business paypal account

Verified Paypal account is nothing but the second identity to your paypal account

Why Best Among Paypal Stealth Providers?

In our estore we have only high limit paypal stealth account which secure you from paypal suspension. we provide both old US paypal account and old UK paypal account

We have qualified options on US paypal verified personal account,US paypal verified personal account, UK paypal verified business account.

Choose the best option from us and do the transaction without the fear from paypal suspension

We treat our customers as business partners which make them to turn to us again

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