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Top Reasons To Buy Old Paypal Account

Posted by Robert Williams on

Top Reasons To Buy Old Paypal Account

What is meant by stealth account?

Stealth account is nothing but the aged ebay account and the aged paypal account

Of course by the name aged stealth account itself resemble that each old ebay account and old paypal account have high limits ebay account with feedbacks which in turn brings high selling limits ebay account for the sellers account

With the help of ebay stealth account and the paypal stealth account, eBay sellers can do different niches in another store and also keep them safe from suspension of ebay and PayPal.

In the marketplace you can also buy different country stealth account, such as the US stealth account and the UK stealth account.

More importantly you can open both a US ebay stealth account and the UK ebay stealth account with the norms prescribed by the eBay and PayPal account. 

And here comes  Stealth eBay and PayPal account are the only option for many sellers who do sale via eBay and accept PayPal payments.

Reasons To Buy Old Paypal Account

1.eBay suspension/ Paypal suspension

when the eBay sellers try to open another account with the same person details or even with the same computer then their Ip address is easily noticed by eBay and limits or suspends all your linked accounts.

This brings nightmare scenarios in ebay sellers' trade and this activity suspends your store and you no longer earn money and lose all your previous bidding and customers chat.


To avoid this scenario and keep your account safe we aged ebay account introduce eBay Stealth account packages, which act as a second account for your trade. especially in aged stealth account.

we create account independently using VPN/VPS where eBay algorithm cant able to link the account and this make your account safe from eBay/ Paypal suspension 

If you want to own such a stealth account we have an aged ebay account there for you, you can get a fresh identity and do more sales on ebay as like a new person.

  1. Some countries not allowed to open paypal/ ebay account

Yes some of the north africa and eastern countries, not allow to open ebay and paypal account.

If you are one in this case then you bypass these restrictions with our stealth account.

  1. Grow Your store with high selling limits

Struggle with your selling limit? Or your selling limit is 10\50\100 items?

Do you want to increase your selling limits to 1000 to 10,000 items within few months then reach us at aged ebay account we provide you the high selling limits stealth account at the best prices

  1. Wander To Open Different Niche Store

want to open different niches store then your best choice is to open a new account or buy stealth account.

We provide you aged ebay account and the aged paypal account in just few hours of order and this make you to open new account with different niches 


  1. Save Your Time

time is more precious to all the business people and all the entrepreneurs show interest to yield maximum money as much as faster, if you are one in this then buy ebay stealth account from an aged ebay account.

We provide you only verified paypal account and the aged stealth account with higher limit such 1000\5000/10000 item per month, 


Hope you enjoy the blog and buy stealth account from agedebayaccount where we offer only aged ebay and aged paypal account with all the information you need to keep it safe

For more details visit us today at or have a chat with our experts or call us at +1(480) 637-7566

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