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Tips To Promote eBay Products Outside From eBay

Posted by Robert Williams on

Tips To Promote eBay Products Outside From eBay

eBay founded as an auction site in 1995

In recent years itself the eBay platform gathers huge number of sellers in its platform 

The reason behind eBay popularity is the site security, the low listing fees and its  technology updates .

Day  by day ebay sellers count increasing which simultaneously increases the competition among the eBay sellers.

In this blog we are going to discuss the tips to promote the eBay products outside from eBay.

Selling Strategy

Doing business in online needs a  good strategy to get success over

There are loads of marketing strategies available in the marketplace but keep in mind that all the strategy will not work to boost your eBay Store. 

Let us discuss here some unique strategies which promotes your ebay products and  helps you to do outside sale from ebay

Promoted Listings

As  per the name, promoted listings helps the ebay seller to promote and keep stand in front of billions of listings on eBay.

Other terms promoted listings are nothing but the sponsored ads.

It works similar to Facebook advertising which gives eBay sellers the  higher search result placement.

To get access this feature the eBay sellers have to pay but don't worry about the pay the investment is minimal amount only

And you are going to pay upfront fees, only if your placed item sells.

Promoted listing fees will be charged only if the customer buys your product by clicking the add button

The fees will be charged within 30 days of purchase

If none of your is sold via the promoted listing then the seller will not suppose any charge.

Sellers have access to data that shows ad performance and clicks, so they can adjust the promoted listings for maximum results.

Promoted Listings is available to all sellers with good rating and recent activity sales


Promotions Manager

This  tool  promotion manager used to create customized offers to showcase your inventory.

Promotions Manager helps to improve your items visibility and move inventory faster.

And it is a free tool for all eBay Store subscribers. 

Promotion manager helps to improve the items' visibility, and also improves more sales.

With the help of a promotion manager you can create codeless coupons for digital and social media marketing.

Promotion Boxes

Promotion boxes  help to advertise the  items in the eBay seller stores. 

In this graphic display features are available which help to highlight the featured items, announcing special offers, or describe a variety of ways to browse items. 

There are three types of promotion boxes:

Advertising Specific Items: 

eBay seller use this feature if the seller willing to sell particular  item from the listed products on their eBay store

This feature helps to uniquely highlights the items which are newly listed or ending soon

It provides ebay Sellers the option of choosing the manual and automatic from the product listing


Provide Links to Other Parts of Your Store: 

eBay Sellers can give an option for the eBay buyers to find items in their eBay  store.

The sellers can make use of custom links feature

Custom links used to point to each eBay store category, a custom page within the store , an eBay page, or custom search results. 


Design a Custom Promotion Box:

Ebay sellers able to create their own promotion boxes

Promotion box is used to show information like shipping and payment details, links to your email newsletter signup page, or your feedback page. 

To create a customized  promotion boxes the sellers have to write their own HTML script.

But keep in mind that the written script for custom promotion boxes should also be mobile-friendly. 


Include Package Inserts

This feature concentrates on bringing back your ebay buyers back to your eBay store.

In order to achieve this you have to concentrate on creating exclusive flyers or business cards

eBay explicitly allows you to include a link to your Store in buyer communications, and you may be able to coax back some return customers this way.

Make use of handwritten notes like“Thanks.

Adding your signature, shows  you the real person and not the bot.

The user always likes to have relationships with real people and not bot which in return brings your customers back to your Store.

Email Marketing

eBay’s email marketing tools help you to reach to the buyers who have subscribed to your emails. 

To engage your eBay customers, try to send at least one newsletter per every week

Be sure that the contents in your email marketing should be entertaining and informative to your subscribers.

The boring content will not read by the ebay customers


Make Use Of Social Media

Social media is  all the time trending and sensational platform to publish and share your information.

In a fraction of second you can reach billions of people in seconds with your content in social media

To promote your eBay Store make use of the social platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


Optimize Your eBay Store For Search Engines

Last but not least the most important medium in promoting the eBay products  is your SEO, 

Do competitor analysis and find out the right keywords which helps to rank your products in the eBay listings.

Proper SEO technique helps you to improve your products google rankings and also help to rank your ebay listings in the top of the search engine.

Check your Store traffic reports

Tracking your store traffic and updating the reports in the sheet will help you to find out where your visitors from

And also these metrics help you to find what is the most interesting product in your Store. 

This report helps you to create good marketing strategies which will  simultaneously improve your sales.

Hope you enjoy this blog and get an idea about how to promote your eBay products outside from eBay. 

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