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Reinstated Suspended eBay Account With agedebayaccount

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Reinstated Suspended eBay Account With agedebayaccount

Ebay Account

eBay is the world's online marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together and make their trade online.

To buy and sell on eBay, the user has to set up an eBay account. There are two types of eBay accounts.

One is personal account, it is for causal buyers 

And the other is a business account where business people plan to sell in large quantities, or for people who have bought or made items specifically to sell.

eBay suspension

eBay insisted strictly on its terms and condition by the users.

If the eBay seller can make a mistake then it leads to eBay account hold, restriction, or eBay suspension.

eBay suspension is more severe than the eBay hold/restriction


What happens while an account is suspended

When your eBay account is suspended, you won't be able to:

  • bid, buy, or sell
  • leave feedback
  • create new listings or revise existing listings
  • contact bidders
  • reply to your eBay messages

How To Reinstate The Suspended eBay Account?

 When your eBay account has been suspended, then first of all find the reason why eBay suspended your account.

You can find this with the email from eBay.

In the mail it clearly stated the reason for the suspension and the steps to take to resolve the issue.

The maximum reason for suspension is not making a payment or updating your listings.

This kind of suspension can be easily resolved by making the payment as soon as possible.

To do this, click “My eBay” at the top right of the eBay website.

Then, choose “Seller Account” to view your outstanding fees.

In that, click to make a one-time payment using your PayPal account or another payment method.

If you once paid the fees, eBay typically reinstates your accounts, 

After this within a matter of minutes,  you are allowed to bid, buy, sell, and leave feedback again from your eBay account.


Steps To Handle Carefully When eBay Suspends Your Account.

1. Fix the Problem.

From the eBay mail, carefully read the instruction that why eBay suspends your account.

Incase if eBay suspend your account for the copyrighted photo issues in your listing.

Then read the outline from the eBay mail, it holds the solution to rectify the issue.

Read it and as per mail you can either delete or modify the photo from the listings.

More frequently the suspension happens because of the reason a VeRo Issue VeRo- Verified Rights Owner.

The eBay’s VeRo program allows the owners of the intellectual property rights to report eBay listings that infringe upon the owners’ rights. 

In this case eBay removes your listing and notifies you with the information on  how to contact the right owner for further information.

And this will give you the opportunity on how to reach out to the right owners and perhaps make an agreement with them to allow you to sell the item on eBay.

On the whole to resolve the VeRo issue you can either delete or edit the problem listings or struck an agreement with the rights owner.

After resolving the issue now you acn contact eBay and communicate that you’ve dealt with the VeRO issue and get your account reinstated.


2. Contact eBay.

If you didn't get the mail from eBay then immediately contact eBay for the further steps to carry over for reinstate of your eBay account

You can contact eBay by phone at 1-866-540-3229, or you can arrange to have eBay call you. 

You can speak with an eBay representative only Monday through Sunday between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. Pacific Time.

And more importantly before calling, gather all the information you may need to provide to the customer service representative, including your eBay user ID, the email address associated with your account, and the reference number if in case you received a suspension email.

And if you're an eBay store subscriber at the Anchor or Enterprise level, then you can easily get in touch with an eBay representative.

The reason is because eBay  has dedicated customer support by phone or email anytime.


3. Wait it Out.

After contacting eBay, the seller has to wait until the suspension period.

In the matter of fact eBay suspends your account indefinitely only in severe cases or after multiple violations.


What Is eBay Stealth Account?

eBay Stealth accounts are the second ebay accounts which helps the ebay sellers to escape from eBay suspension and to do non stop eBay sales.

Stealth account are not associated with the seller's name, address, IP address, or banking information.

There are multiple stealth account sellers in marketplace but finding the right sellers is a risky one is one among the high limit stealth account sellers in the marketplace where we sell only high limit stealth accounts.

Our stealth account let you free from ebay suspension and also helps you to do non stop sales

We offer not only new/fresh stealth account but also offer aged stealth account

We specialise in US stealth account, aged US stealth account, UK stealth account, aged UK stealth account.

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