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How To Cash Out Bitcoins From

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How To Cash Out Bitcoins From


Paybis is an online payment platform to buy bitcoins, and it is considered as the most fast cryptocurrency payouts in the world

It has its payment acceptance mode in more than 180 countries,  and more interestingly as its users no longer wait for the transactions.

There is no hidden fee collected from its users and its payment system holds great commision structure.

Operates under the fast data processing service and users are undergone under verification process inorder to make its system safe and secure.

Exchange Platform:

Its exchange platform has many packages to choose over. You can pick any one from them to proceed further

For your reference:

If you pay 1000 USD you get back  0.0803 BTC 

If you pay 5000 USD you get back 0.4021 BTC

If you pay 10000 USD you get back 0.8044 BTC

If you pay 20000 USD you get back 1.6090 BTC

Lets go brief on how to Cash out Bitcoin to Credit Card or Debit Card (BTC to FIAT)

STEP 1: Start the Transaction

STEP 2: Verify Your Identity

STEP 3: Verify the ownership of your bank card

STEP 4: Send Bitcoin to Paybis  BTC address

STEP 5: Money will be sent to your Account


STEP 1: Start the Transaction

To proceed with cashing out Bitcoin, 

Select your payment mode  

Credit/debit card- ( USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, JPY )

Skrill-  (USD, EUR )

Neteller- (USD, EUR )

Bank Transfer

Paybis Gift Card- (USD, EUR, GBP )

Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Binanace Coin, , NEO, TRON

STEP 2: Verify Your Identity

Next step , you need to verify your identity

This is to check whether you are the owner of the bank card.

With the identity verification Paybis ensures that you are undergoing the rules  with EU KYC/AML regulations.

You are to choose your verification mode. The ID type for verification are listed below 

  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • ID card
  • Residence permit

In the first section of the verification process, you will be asked to enter your name, surname, and date of birth. Then, press on continue.

Next, indicate your location and residential address. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

Finally, upload a copy of your ID document to continue the transaction. As soon as the file is uploaded, click on “Submit” and our system will review your submissions.

STEP 3: Verify the ownership of your bank card

In this step you have to verify that you are the owner of your credit card or debit card.

For this you have to enter your debit card or credit card details. 

After this step Paybis takes less than 5-10 minute and you will be ready to proceed with the transaction.

STEP 4: Send Bitcoin to Paybis BTC address

Finally now you are allowed to cash out your Bitcoins and send them to Paybis BTC address.

Once Paybis receives your Bitcoins, the funds will automatically be sent to your credit card or debit card.

STEP 5: Money will be sent to your Account

In this time, Paybis will send money directly to your bank account.

That's all you just sold your first  Bitcoins. 

You can receive your money in between 1 to 5 working days.

Withdrawing Bitcoin from an ATM

You can also cash out Bitcoin using cryptocurrency ATM machines.

You will need to find an ATM in your local area and visit the actual location to have your money on pocket.

Option To Cash Out Bitcoin 

You have the option to directly cash out bitcoins to your bank account takes a little longer time to complete.

There is also an option to trade Bitcoin directly to someone who’s interested in buying also takes a long time and for this mode you will need to do a transaction via the peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange, which will act as the intermediate (escrow) between you and the buyer.

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