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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin From

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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin From

What Is The Purpose Of Remitano Platform?

Remitano is an exchange platform, where you can easily  buy/sell Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether (USDT).

Remitano is supporting lots of nationwide banks. To buy bitcoins on this platform all you need is to have a bank account that have link with Internet banking

How To Buy Bitcoins From Remaitano?

  1. Create a remaitano account

Create an account to buy bitcoins from this  platform.

As initially  go to Remitano website: 



And press on the Login/Register button at the top right corner


In that  enter your email ID and Press on Continue

You will get a confirmation email in your inbox. 

Click that confirmation link, now you will officially login to “Remitano” 

Then enter your username/nickname and click  continue


  1. Set up security layer

Click on your user name in right corner

In that click on settings 

A QR code will pop up when you click on settings , just enable it.



Carefully save the 2 codes.

If in case you forgot or lost your code, you can get it back by, opening your Google Authenticator and scanning the QR code to get a 6-digits number (change after 30 seconds).

Next step enter it to the Authy Authentication Code and click Enable Authy Authentication

Step 3: Verify your account

To increase your security this platform has restrictions like You can trade on Remitano, only after your account is verified.

Next step you need to scroll down to your Profile to begin

Enter your correct name ( not nickname) , which is appeared on your ID or passport in the Name section.




Step 4 Verify your phone number

To verify your mobile number Click on the add phone number

Next enter your phone number  and then click Continue.


After few seconds, you will receive a text SMS with 4 digits


Enter that code and click verify. 

Step 5: Verify your Identity

click on Upload documents to begin

Remitano will require you to provide the below documents to verify your identity:

  • A Photo of your ID: front and back (Primary identity confirmation)
  • A Photo of your driving license (Supporting identity confirmation)
  • A photo of your ID on the paper written Remitano Verification.
  • Last, a picture of you holding the front side of your ID: hold it near your face and remember to ask someone to help you with it!

Next, Click on Upload and upload your documents to finish your identity verification process. 

This step usually takes about 1-3 minutes.

Your account status will change to Verified when you have done every step.

After this you can start to begin your Bitcoin trading on Remitano

Step 6: Adding your bank account to your wallet

Enter your bank account to add bitcoins in your wallet

You don’t have to enter your bank account every time you withdraw your money

After adding the bank account, click on creating new account


Next, enter your bank account details and click on Create.

Step 7: Add money to your Remitano wallet

To buy Bitcoin, you need to add money in your Remitano account. Please follow the below step to do that:

First, visit to  choose your  wallet

Next, enter the amount that how much you need to buy Bitcoin then press Deposit

Next remitano ask the bank details, and the amount to transfer.

Enter here the correct amount with the correct bank account details with the exact text that Remitano has given to you.

After transferring money from the bank account. Wait for some time for it to appear in your wallet at the left corner.

Step8: : Find your sellers and Buy Bitcoins from them

From homepage, Find 1 seller from ‘List of sellers’ 

You can see a list of different Bitcoin sellers with different price and volume. You can buy directly from any one of them

Once find your seller then click Buy and in case If you cannot find the suitable one for you, you can create your own buy by click on Create your buying ad


After choosing the most suitable seller, click on the Buy button on the right. 

Next, enter the amount of Bitcoin you want, and your Bitcoin wallet.

Check again your Bitcoin wallet then Click Buy BTC. 

This process will take a few minutes.

Step9:  Start to sell Bitcoin

Before selling, you have to transfer your Bitcoin to the BTC wallet on Remitano.

Step 1: Go to your Bitcoin wallet

After transferring BTC to the Remitano BTC wallet. 

 Choose your buyers from the buyers list  then Click to sell on the right

Next, enter the amount of BTC you want to sell, click on Sell BTC

Your bank account details will be popped up, take a look at it again then Click on Continue.

Wait for a moment to process your transaction.

Now you will see your wallet updated at the left corner of your screen.

Hope this blog lets you know how to create your Remitano account by yourself and also how to sell and buy Bitcoin from its platform.

If you have any queries feel free to call us at +1(480) 637-7566 and chat with us at mail or visit us at


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