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Get Rid Paypal Suspension/Blocked With Verified PayPal Account Packages

Posted by Robert William on

Get Rid Paypal Suspension/Blocked With Verified PayPal Account Packages

In the marketplace paypal is one of the largest online payment platforms all over the world. Most of the online sellers strucks with their paypal account blocked/suspended

This happens because of not the paypal account holder does not properly verify their accounts.

In this blog we confess on how to verify paypal account and how aged ebay account reside top in providing verified paypal account

To kick start your first PayPal account you have to register first.

Next to this you have to maintain a bank account, with minimum balance.

Now in the technical terms you are considered as an unverified user. paypal monitors the unconfirmed profiles strictly. 

At any time the unverified paypal account can get into blocked.This action is not only responsible for blocking but also the reason for payment not passing and incur material losses. 

If you pass the verification procedure,If you want to escape from all these risks then finish your paypal account verification procedure as soon as the registration finishes. 

How To Get Verify your paypal account

Open bank account with minimum 2USD of balance . 

Next Visit into official PayPal website, in that login or open your profile account

Add a new bank card or confirm one; Link the card to your profile

Enter all card details and click Save.

At this step you are supposed to charge 1.95 dollars. never worry about it, because paypal account verification procedure is free, and  after the process is complete, the amount will be refunded. 

To complete the verification step successfully,  check your internet banking online service or application.

There you get the complete transaction history details of the last money withdrawn from your card. 

Next step you will receive a message from the internet banking app, in 4-digit code

Enter that code in your profile to confirm that your owner of the card.

Try to enter the code in the first move itself, , if you entered a wrong code for three times or more, in such case your paypal account get blocked

Don't panic if your account get blocked we aged ebay account here to provide you the guidance and also provide you the aged paypal account/ verified paypal account for your businesses 

agedebayaccount- Verified Paypal Account 


We know the cruel situation of the paypal suspension, that's why we started to sale verified paypal account packages on our platform.

This paypal stealth account packages secure the sellers from losing the chances of selling and receiving money 

Aged ebay account, verified paypal account packages takes only a few hours of time to get activated and hence you can almost resume back to PayPal on immediate basis.

After your paypal stealth account purchase, you can make yourself free from paypal suspension.

We provide each aged paypal account and verified paypal account with the telephone number as well as the email id. 

Each Verified Paypal Account Have Individual  IP Address

In order to avoid this tracking we create  each paypal stealth account under the different identity 

Our verified paypal account packages also maintain the impression of  the paypal account holders to be more reliable and trustworthy. 


Aged ebay account have the qualified options on US paypal verified personal account,US paypal verified personal account, UK paypal verified business account.

Choose the best option from us and do the transaction without the fear from paypal suspension

For more information you can  reach us at any time on  or Feel free to discuss more with our experts on skype/mail chat at or call us at +1(480) 637-7566

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