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Get Experts Advice On Protecting Your Selling Account On eBay

Posted by Robert Williams on

Get Experts Advice On Protecting Your Selling Account On eBay

eBay the online auction bidding system allows your customers to make bids on items they prefer. 

If you want to gain the top position in the bidding then you are in the right place, Yup! Our tips on increase your ebay selling limits will help you to get rank on ebay and also protect your account effectively from the eBay violations.

How To Protect Your Selling Account On eBay

eBay system inbuilt designed to provide the buyers with more accumulated feedback of the sellers. 

The marketplace uses email reminders to push its seller feedback, but most of the time the customers do not show interest to pen down the products/ service that they make purchase from the eBay platform.

And this feedback scarcity pushes the seller limits to the level position in the ebay search.

Apart from the above case ebay has tightened its policies and advises too strict on its sellers and it also advises the seller to  follow its terms and conditions and not to disobey with ebay policies.

This scenario frustrates many of the eBay sellers and they feel struggle to get top selling limits on ebay particularly in the countries of the US and UK most of the seller's daily are subjected to the ebay suspension/restriction/hold.

If  you are the one who faces the same struggle then keep your ebay account secure then start to follow our simple tips that are mentioned below.

Try to read the updated version eBay terms and conditions carefully

Never try to open an additional account, if you did then eBay will block you and will not let you to open a new account any more. If your account is under suspension then reach us at agedebayaccount we provide you to buy ebay account which secure you from ebay suspension/restriction

Never try to exceed your ebay listing limits, if you try to do the sales exceeding the sales limit, then eBay will block you and if you want to avoid this and are willing to do bulk listing then search for the top rated  sellers ebay account in the marketplace, purchase bulk listing stealth accounts from them. If you searching one then we agedebayaccount here to help you.

Try to keep a free shipping and refund policy. Ebay gives preference for the sellers who have mentioned the free shipping and refund policy within 30 days in their listing.

If you want to get more customers to your products/ services then avail them with a good image and clear description about your product/ service  listings.

Try to Update new products frequently if you don't have time to daily post a new listing then make use of schedule features available on ebay and put the listings to be scheduled. Make the listing to be available with new product eBay listings always. Because ebay love to have fresh listings in its platform and also it give preference for the seller who maintained fresh and updated accounts

If you don't have fresh contents to upload in your listings then try to refresh your old products in your ebay listing. Be sure if you adding the same product again then never forget to delete the previous one in the listings)

Make familiar yourself with the updated tools available for ebay ( on the online )

Most importantly If you receive negative feedback- never forget to remove that feedback and also Pay the listing fees to eBay on time

Last but not least, quickly respond to customers queries if you don’t have a present time to reply to the queries then never worry just a reminder to the message and don't forget to reply it back in your leisure time.

Hope you enjoy the tips on protecting your ebay account therecome how to increase your selling limits.

If you want more information then visit us at or get in touch with us at mail or whatsapp us at +1 480 637 7566

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