Enchant Your eBay Stores Jewellery With Stealth Account Solution

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Enchant Your eBay Stores Jewellery With Stealth Account Solution

Olden days people spent time visiting shops to buy precious jewels, but this internet world sucks the time of the people going out for a shop and influences them to bring the shop into their home via an online marketplace.

In the online marketplace you are able to visit many stores with a single touch, and you will also have a glance on multiple designs and collections at your doorstep.

Many online sellers in the ebay stores jewellery platform invade into this jewellery business, since jewellery are the products which are lightweight and easy to ship, and easy to customize ebay custom jewellery.

eBay Jewellery items listed in the platform are:

  • Fine jewellery
  • Fashion jewellery
  • Vintage and antique jewellery
  • Engagement & Wedding Jewellery
  • Men's Jewellery
  • Alex & Ani

To provide the necessary technical support to the online jewellery sellers in ebay we aged ebay account develops an attractive solution namely stealth account which enables the sellers to do large numbers of transactions without suspension/restriction from eBay. 

This blog comprises the important points in solution 

  1. Highest Competition
  2. Negative feedbacks
  3. Low selling limits

Highest Competition

First thing, is the highest competition, since the same kind of product is sold by many sellers on the eBay platform.

And here the Wiser buyer with their huge cost  struggle to rank high in the crowd competition 

If they want to push themselves to the front, there they have to work hard to increase their ebay high selling limits

Negative Feedbacks

Once in a while every seller face this issue, this not mean, the seller is not wise, 

Some buyers not just stop with fault-finding, their products may got damaged at the time of delivery but they blame the whole mistake on the seller and post negative feedback on that seller dashboard

In matter the negative feedbacks reduce the reputation of the ebay seller and they lose the chance of getting high seller rating

Low Selling Limits

Both the above two factors are the main reason for the seller to get low selling limits

In matter, ebay decide the sellers rating based on the feedbacks from its customers

If the seller got negative feedback, consequently automatically the sellers selling limits get reduced and also the seller ranks to the  low level in the competition 

Agedebayaccount Solution On The Stated Issues:

In the error solving aspect, the above three problems have only one common solution

Wonder right? How it is! Yes if the selling limits of the jewellery seller in the ebay platform increased then above three issues will easily get resolved and thrive more jewellery orders in the seller dashboard

To increase the selling limits, we agedebayaccount created stealth account as a solution 

Stealth account are nothing but the second ebay account which holds individual identity.

ebay jewelry for sale by owner start to use aged ebay accounts- stealth accounts

Our stealth account have selling limits , high number of positive feedbacks in your ebay listings.

On purchasing the stealth account from us the sellers  on jewellery collections in the ebay may notice instantly that their collection gets easily ranked in  the top position on the ebay  jewellery section, and also it drives multiple orders into the seller jewellery business.

For more information you can  reach us at any time on https://www.agedebayaccount.com/  or Feel free to discuss more with our experts on skype/mail chat at admin@agedebayaccount.com or call us at +1(480) 637-7566

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