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Are You In A Rush To Start Selling Again‎ On eBay

Posted by Robert Williams on

Are You In A Rush To Start Selling Again‎ On eBay

Over the last 15 years , the Internet has revolutionised businesses and more opportunities available all over the world. 

Independently any individual can start its international trade with the help of the greatest platform called Amazon or eBay.

Amazon is costlier marketplace when compared to eBay and many users nowadays choose eBay to kickstart their trade 

eBay allows you to reach an international market easily 

eBay  has a positive impact on your business and it ensures to sell and manage your stock in a simple and straightforward process.

It provides benefits to the powerful eBay sellers

To ensure the non stop selling from your ebay account then you can practice well with eBay's policies.

It will protect your eBay account and keeps you from the eBay account suspension

The eBay account suspension will rely you back, especially if you rely on the online marketplace for income.

If once your account is suspended then you cannot have contact with the existing listings, you won’t be able to edit them. 

This brings the worst situation where you can’t contact bidders or reply to any questions you receive via eBay Messages until your account is reinstated. 

Depending on why your account was suspended, it will take necessary actions on your eBay listings 

In case if you  committed a policy violation, then it will completely  remove your listings.

Sometimes powerful sellers also make mistakes, if you are one among them then don't get panic, stay relax and look for other alternatives

If you got suspended from eBay, then re-registering for a new account is not the best way to get back on the site. 

Follow The Steps After eBay Account Suspended 

Never Try To Open New Account Instantly

eBay has a unique algorithm which has the capability to interlink all the accounts of one user.

eBay hold personal information of its users on file. (Name, Address, IP address,Bank account information (via Paypal))

Based on the information in the file its algorithm easily matches the user's new account with the old suspended account. Information includes:

If you try to open multiple accounts and plan to do sales on all those multiple account then you got blacklisted in eBay 

Once you have been blacklisted, then getting back on eBay is nearly impossible. 

In this case, never try to open a new account and contact eBay directly.

Contact eBay Directly

eBay wants to teach you about the mistakes that you made in its platform and also it wants to make you follow eBay's policy in the future. 

If your eBay account suspension happens, then directly call eBay at 1-866-540-3229

And eBay experts will convey you the ways to resolve the outstanding issues on your eBay account.

On your side if you have a legitimate reason why your performance was not satisfactory, eBay may reinstate your account right away.

eBay pay relaxation to the real reasons like Serious injury, Serious illness,Death in the family,Natural disaster

Once eBay has reinstated your account, you will be allowed to sell again using your old account. 

Indefinite Suspension

An indefinite suspension means that you’ve lost all chances to sell again on eBay. 

This usually happens to eBay sellers when they try to break the rules, selling illegal or banned items, or haven’t changed their ways after being previously suspended.

How To Get Back Again Into Selling

To escape from this scenario there you can have option to go for search of Stealth account

eBay stealth account helps you to start reselling in your eBay business

It acts as a safeguarder in between your eBay account and eBay suspension.

All the stealth accounts created under independent identity hence there is no chance for eBay algorithm to find it.

There are multiple stealth account provide in the marketplace, choose the best one from them

And we is one among them, but we uniquely sell all our products.

We have only verified and high limit eBay stealth account

And in option we have new eBay  stealth account, aged ebay stealth account, US stealth account, aged US stealth account, aged UK stealth account, UK stealth account

We assure you that all our eBay stealth account always  keep you  free from  eBay Suspension

For details visit us at or just make a single call to us at +1(480) 637-7566 

And chat with us at SKYPE/Mail sure will have  a good deal for you

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